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About the Course

Introduces concepts and skills to plan and conduct evaluations of social programs. Over the semester students will work with a client to produce an evaluation plan.

Students will learn about negotiating a plan with a client, working with stakeholders, forms of evaluation (impact evaluation, consumer satisfaction, MSC, qualitative designs), evaluation ethics, how to develop indicators and program logic, and finally how to ensure evaluation findings are disseminated and utilised.

Paphos and it’s surrounding areas offer limitless opportunities to sketch. With stunning ancient monasteries, a bustling harbour, a world heritage site and breathtaking  landscapes there is always something to capture and inspire the imagination.Each week our eclectic mix of sketchers meet at different venues to explore and draw.


Lise is a  wonderful, wise and inspirational teacher. Thank you Lise.

Rafaela Konstantinou

Doing Art with Turtle and Moon Art Studio was great experience. Relaxing and inspirational!


After taking a workshop at the Turtle and Moon Art & Design Studio in Tremithousa it is important to us for you to leave your comments about the entire experience you had.

Lise Briggs